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The Policy Navigator Library has been designed to provide users with additional information to supplement material discussed in the six timelines. The library includes a list of legislation, organisations and publications. The library does not contain information on every Act or publication mentioned in the timeline, and you may find it easier to view the timelines first before accessing content in this section. 

Public Health Observatories

Public health observatories (PHOs) were based in each region of England and the UK more widely and monitored population health trends and provided intelligence and advice to practitioners and policy m

The Privy Council

The Privy council was a council of advisers to the sovereign, primarily comprised of senior members of the House of Commons or Lords.

Regional Health Authorities

The NHS Reorganisation Act 1973 abolished regional hospital boards and hospital management committees and replaced them with regional health authorities (RHAs) and area health authorities (AHAs) which

Regional hospital boards

The National Health Service Act 1946 established 14 regional hospital boards which administered hospital services for large areas.

Regional public health groups

The government’s white paper Shifting the balance of power within the NHS in July 2001 advocated a new public health system that would include strong regional public health groups.

Strategic Health Authorities

The National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professionals Act 2002 renamed health authorities in England as strategic health authorities (SHAs) and required the Secretary of State for Health to