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The Policy Navigator Library has been designed to provide users with additional information to supplement material discussed in the six timelines. The library includes a list of legislation, organisations and publications. The library does not contain information on every Act or publication mentioned in the timeline, and you may find it easier to view the timelines first before accessing content in this section. 

Supplementary Benefits Commission

The Supplementary Benefits Commission was set up under the Ministry of Social Security Act 1966 as the body to administer the new system of social security entitlements, in conjunction with the new Mi

Surgeons and barbers of Edinburgh

In 1505 the surgeons and barbers of Edinburgh were formally incorporated as a Craft of the Burgh and were given privileges and responsibilities around the practice of surgery.

Teaching primary care trust (PCT)

Teaching primary care trusts (PCTs) were established to address specific issues of recruitment, retention, continuing education and workforce development in primary care.

Voluntary hospitals

The origins of voluntary hospitals in the UK can be traced back to the Middle Ages, but significant interest in providing hospitals increased during the eighteenth century.


The Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 obliged local parishes to take responsibility for their own poor.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence

In 2001, the government established the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) to help drive improvement in social care services.