The protection of children in England: a progress report

Lord Laming was asked in November 2008 to report on the progress the system had made in implementing child safeguarding arrangements he had recommended as chair of the inquiry into Victoria Climbié's death in 2000.

Laming noted: 'Policies, legislation, structures and procedures are, of course, of immense importance but they serve only as the means of securing better life opportunities for each young person. It is the robust and consistent implementation of these policies and procedures which keeps children and young people safe'.

Lord Laming made a number of recommendations, including:

  • improved integration and coordination at central government level, in setting strategic priorities for the protection of children and young people
  • steps to address the inadequacy of training and supply of frontline workers, including the establishment of a new postgraduate programme to be completed by all children's services social workers
  • addressing the inadequacy of child protection training among NHS staff. This included a particular need to address the status, training and responsibilities of health visitors
  • addressing the inadequacy of resources devoted to police child protection teams and shortening the time taken for court processes relating to the care of children.

Lord Laming.
The protection of children in England; a progress report.
HMSO; 2009.