The Public Health Outcomes Framework for England, 2013-2016

The Public Health Outcomes Framework for England, 2013-2016 set out a range of indicators that were intended to support the system to make improvements in health protection, health improvement and in reducing health inequalities. The framework would apply to local government, the NHS and Public Health England.

The framework set out two overarching outcomes:

  • increased healthy life expectancy (taking account of health quality as well as length of life)
  • reduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities (making greater improvement in more disadvantaged communities).

The outcomes were underpinned by a range of indicators organised under the domains of:

  • improving the social determinants of health (indicators included the number of children in poverty, and employment for those with long-term conditions)
  • health improvement (example indicators included smoking prevalence)
  • health protection (indicators included chlamydia diagnoses and vaccination coverage)
  • health care public health and preventing premature mortality (indicators included excess winter deaths and infant mortality).

Department of Health.
The public health outcomes framework for England, 2013-2016.
Department of Health; 2012.