Standards for better health

In July 2004, the government published Standards for Better Health, which set out standards for the health system to achieve (core standards) and strive towards (developmental standards).

The seventh domain of the document was focused on public health and included programmes and services designed and delivered in partnership with relevant organisations and groups. These aimed to promote, improve and protect the health of the population, and reduce health inequalities between groups and areas.

The core standards aimed at primary care trusts (PCTs) under the public health domain required PCTs to improve and protect public health through partnerships with local authorities, and to contribute to local strategic partnerships (a network consisting of local authorities, police, fire and other public bodies and community partners that agreed and implemented local area agreements).

Developmental standards for PCTs saw them taking the lead on responding to emerging public health challenges and incidents, taking effective action to protect their local population, and implementing programmes to improve health and reduce health inequalities.


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