'Transforming Community Services' programme

13 January 2009

On 13 January 2009, the Department of Health published further detail on timelines for primary care trusts (PCTs) divesting themselves of their provider services.

The 2008/09 operating framework had required PCTs to begin the process of separating their commissioning and provider functions. By 1 April 2009, PCTs were expected to have developed a contractual relationship with their provider services, ensuring sufficient separation to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

By October 2009, PCTs (as commissioners) and practice-based commissioners were expected to have developed detailed plans for transforming their community services. The Transforming Community Services programme was intended to support this transition.

The document also explained that commissioners should consider which services might be subject to a model of 'any willing PCT-accredited provider' (AWPP) status or competitive tendering. The AWPP model was similar to the normal approach to tendering under 'any willing provider' services (ie open access for providers of defined services, who met quality and pricing requirements), but allowed commissioners to specify additional service-specific accreditation requirements.


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