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July 1996

UK National Screening Committee

The UK National Screening Committee was established to advise on population screening technologies and programmes.

4 July 1996

Community Care (Direct Payments) Act 1996

Legislation gave local authorities the power to make direct payments to people aged 18–65 who had been assessed as needing community care services.

October 1996

'Opportunity and choice' white paper

The government set out proposals to give primary care professionals greater flexibility to try different forms of contracting models.

20 March 1997

A landmark ruling on local authority eligibility assessments

A House of Lords' judgement concluded that a local authority could take into account its resources when assessing a person's eligibility for community care services.

May 1997

The NHS (Primary Care Act)

Leglisation facilitated the piloting of different types of primary care contracting arrangements and established mechanisms for the direct employment of GPs.