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The Policy Navigator Library has been designed to provide users with additional information to supplement material discussed in the six timelines. The library includes a list of legislation, organisations and publications. The library does not contain information on every Act or publication mentioned in the timeline, and you may find it easier to view the timelines first before accessing content in this section. 

Public Health Act 1848

The Public Health Act 1848 received royal assent following extensive debate on the poor sanitary conditions in Britain.

Public Health Act 1875

The Public Health Act 1875 was largely seen as a mechanism for consolidating all previous Acts of Parliament relating to public health made during the nineteenth century.

The Nurses Registration Act 1919

The Nurses Registration Act of 1919 set up the General Nursing Council, which was established in 1920. The council was required to maintain a register of nurses.

Lord Dawson’s Interim report on the future provision of medical and allied services 1920 was published in May 1920

In 1919 Sir Bertrand Dawson was commissioned by the new Ministry of Health to chair a council to advise on the systematised provision of health services.

Social insurance and allied services – report by Sir William Beveridge (1942)

The Inter-Departmental Committee led by Sir William Beveridge had been tasked with reviewing the operation of social insurance schemes and making recommendations on ways of bringing them together.

A National Health Service (1944)

The preparations made to deal with the Second World War in health services were significant.