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The Policy Navigator Library has been designed to provide users with additional information to supplement material discussed in the six timelines. The library includes a list of legislation, organisations and publications. The library does not contain information on every Act or publication mentioned in the timeline, and you may find it easier to view the timelines first before accessing content in this section. 

Poor Law Board, Poor Law Commission and Poor Law unions

The Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 created 600 locally elected Boards of Guardians to oversee the functions of Poor Law unions (individual parishes had been organised into the unions), which included bui

NHS Policy Board

In 1989, there was a restructure within the Department of Health.

Primary care groups (PCGs)

On 1 April 1999, 481 primary care groups (PCGs) were established, replacing GP fundholders as commissioners.

Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Royal College of Physicians of London

The College of Physicians of London (later Royal College of Physicians of London) was established in 1518 by a royal charter from King Henry VIII.

Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

Previously known as the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (until November 2012), the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care oversees statutory bodies that regulate heal

Royal College of Surgeons of London

The Barber-Surgeons’ Company of London was incorporated in 1540. The company had powers relating to the education, conduct and licensure of surgeons.