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The first medical colleges

England's first medical college

The London Hospital Medical College was the first purpose-built medical college in England. The college was founded by William Blizzard and James Maddocks in 1785. Later, the 1815 Apothecaries Act would transfer the responsibility of organising medical education and training to the Society of Apothecaries.

Teaching was also provided at St Bartholomew's Hospital, within which a lecture theatre was constructed in 1791.

A modern system of higher education

University College London was established in 1826. Its founders were inspired by Jeremy Bentham to make university education available to students of any race or religion. Previously, the only options for higher education had been Oxford and Cambridge, from which only members of the Church of England could graduate.

Shortly after, in 1834, North London Hospital was founded. It was intended as a place for medical students to undertake clinical training. In 1837 the institution changed its name to University College Hospital.


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