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'Shaping the future of care together' green paper

Shaping the future of care together aimed to set out a vision for a new National Care Service and began the 'big care debate with the public'. The document detailed six things that everyone should be able to expect from the system, namely:

  • receiving the right support to stay independent and well for as long as possible
  • having the right to be assessed in the same way and receive the same proportion of entitlements regardless of location
  • experiencing joined-up services
  • understanding and being able to navigate the system
  • receiving services based on personal circumstances
  • assurances that money would be spent wisely to fund a fair and sustainable service, with eligible users receiving the right financial support.

Three main funding options for consultation were also set out in the strategy:

  • a partnership arrangement, where individuals would be supported with a quarter or a third of costs if they had a low income
  • an insurance system where, in addition to the partnership approach, government would support people to take out insurance to cover any remaining costs
  • a comprehensive system, where everyone would receive free care and support services, regardless of need, in exchange for paying contributions into a state insurance scheme.

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