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23 July 2019

Boris Johnson named as prime minister

Following Theresa May’s resignation, Boris Johnson defeated Jeremy Hunt to become leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister of the UK.

25 February 2020

Health equity in England: the Marmot review 10 years on

Professor Sir Michael Marmot examined progress in addressing health inequalities in England, 10 years on from the landmark Marmot review.

March 2020–February 2022

First 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic response

The COVID-19 pandemic and government response had considerable, wide-ranging impacts on people’s health and health care services.

25 March 2020

Coronavirus Act 2020

The government legislated for wide-ranging measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and support the health and care sector.

28 May 2020

Launch of NHS Test and Trace

Government introduced a national service aiming to ensure that anyone with COVID-19 symptoms had access to a test and that close contacts of positive cases were advised to isolate.

2 June 2020

‘COVID-19: review of disparities in risks and outcomes’ report

Public Health England reviewed different factors affecting people’s COVID-19 risks and outcomes, concluding that existing health inequalities had been replicated and exacerbated by the pandemic.

27 July 2020

Tackling obesity: empowering adults and children to live healthier lives strategy

Government set out a new strategy on obesity, in the context of the increased risk that people living with obesity faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 August 2020

Abolition of Public Health England

Government announced that it would replace PHE, the executive agency responsible for public health, with a new government body.

3 December 2020

Developing the Health Index for England: 2015 to 2018

The Office for National Statistics published the first measure of population health in England covering 2015 to 2018, incorporating the wider determinants of health.