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17 June 2018

NHS at 70 funding settlement

As the 70th anniversary of the founding of the NHS approached, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a 5 year funding settlement and a 10-year plan for the NHS.

19 July 2018

Climate change: second national adaptation programme (2018 to 2023)

The National Adaptation Programme (NAP) set out national actions to prepare for the challenges of climate change, including a focus on health risks.

5 August 2018

‘Opt-out’ organ donation

The government announced the introduction of an 'opt-out' rather than 'opt-in' system for organ and tissue donation from 2020.

6 September 2018

'Prevention is better than cure: our vision to help you live well for longer' policy paper

The Department for Health and Social Care set out ambitions to improve healthy life expectancy by preventing ill health.

7 January 2019

NHS Long term plan

The 10 year plan followed a government commitment to increase funding for NHS England, to mark the NHS's 70th birthday.