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9 May 1970

The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970

Leglislation required local authorities to provide a range of services. Including practical assistance and home adaptations to people with disabilities, learning disabilities or mental illness.

29 May 1970

The Local Authority Social Services Act 1970

Following the recommendations of the Seebohm Commission in 1968, legislation required every local authority to establish a single social services department, emphasising 'the need for a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach to social care'.

June 1971

'Better services for the mentally handicapped' white paper

The white paper, published in June 1971, outlined a desire to move away from caring for people with 'mental handicap' in institutional settings and to increase the provision of local and community care.

6 December 1971

Attendance Allowance introduced

A non-means-tested benefit was introduced for people who had a serious or debilitating illness or disability and required personal assistance.

August 1972

'National Health Service reorganisation' white paper

A change of government and a change of secretary of state led to the white paper. This outlined significant structural and administrative reform of the health system.

5 July 1973

NHS Reorganisation Act 1973

The Act gave effect to the structural and administrative reform of the health system outlined in the 1972 white paper on National Health Service reorganisation.

20 March 1975

The Social Security Act 1975

Legislation set out a range of benefits and entitlements under the social security system and introduced the Invalid Care Allowance for carers.

October 1975

'Better services for the mentally ill' white paper

The 1975 white paper further emphasised the need to move from an institutional model of care to community services. It highlighted the need for early intervention and prevention of mental illness.


National scandals regarding care in 'mental handicap' hospitals

During the 1970s, there were several public reports of mistreatment and poor quality of care provided to people with severe learning difficulties and mental health illnesses.