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November 1989

'Caring for people: community care in the next decade and beyond' white paper

The paper proposed transferring responsibility for the procurement of community care services to local government.

29 June 1990

National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990

Legislation provided for the 'purchaser/provider split'. This marked the start of an internal market in the NHS and changes to local authorities' social care functions.

28 June 1995

The Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995

Legislation gave carers the right to ask for an assessment of their needs and ability to care for a person who was being assessed for eligibility for community care services.

4 July 1996

Community Care (Direct Payments) Act 1996

Legislation gave local authorities the power to make direct payments to people aged 18–65 who had been assessed as needing community care services.

20 March 1997

A landmark ruling on local authority eligibility assessments

A House of Lords' judgement concluded that a local authority could take into account its resources when assessing a person's eligibility for community care services.

11 June 1998

Community Care (Residential Accommodation) Act 1998

The Act restricted the amount of capital assets that local authorities could take into account to determine eligibility for residential accommodation charges.

1 December 1998

'Modernising social services: promoting independence, improving protection, raising standards' white paper

The government set out plans to improve provision of social services, including a new system of regulation and inspection of social care providers.

1 January 1999

Caring about carers: a national strategy

The first national carers strategy was published, aiming to improve information, support and care available to carers.

March 1999

'With respect to old age: long-term care - rights and responsibilities'

The Royal Commission on Long-Term Care reported back. It recommended that the costs of personal care be met by the state, and living and housing costs be means tested.