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Encouragement of the privatisation of ancillary services

The government started to encourage the privatisation of ancillary services such as cleaning and laundry by sending a letter to health authorities encouraging them to tender contracts.

9 May 1983

Mental Health Act 1983

This Act required district health authorities and social services to provide aftercare services (including accommodation) to those moving back into the community after being discharged from compulsory hospital stays.

26 June 1984

Registered Homes Act 1984

The Act consolidated legislation relating to residential care homes and nursing homes. It required them to be registered with the local social services authority.


HoC Committee on Social Services report on community care

The House of Commons Committee on Social Services supported the concept of community care, but was concerned about the release of 'mentally disabled' people into the community without adequate support.

1 April 1985

Social Services Inspectorate (SSI)

The SSI was established as the national inspectorate for personal social services in England.


Audit Commission report: 'Making a reality of community care'

The commission highlighted the failure of policy and a number of problems associated with moving care into the community.

8 July 1986

Disabled Persons Act 1986

The Act sought to improve services for people with disabilities by making provision for representation and placing additional duties on local authorities.


'Community care: agenda for action'

Sir Roy Griffiths reported on the development of community care, observing that the lack of progress was down to the lack of leadership and responsibility.

November 1989

'Caring for people: community care in the next decade and beyond' white paper

The paper proposed transferring responsibility for the procurement of community care services to local government.