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Royal Commission on the Poor Law and the Unemployed

Following their review of the system of poor relief provision and unemployment, the commissioners were split and released two reports.

December 1911

National Insurance Act 1911

Following a lengthy national debate, the Act created a national system of insurance to protect working people against loss of income relating to sickness or unemployment.

3 June 1919

Ministry of Health Act 1919

This Act established the Ministry of Health, which became responsible for 'the preparation, effective carrying out and co-ordination of measures conducive to the health of the people'.

December 1919

The Nurses Registration Act

The General Nursing Council was set up and required to keep a register of nurses.

27 May 1920

Lord Dawson's Interim report on the future provision of medical and allied services 1920

The report outlined the structure that the NHS would take nearly 30 years later and illustrated that the system would need to change to cope with technological and medical advances.

January 1921

The Cave Committee inquiry into voluntary hospital finances

As the First World War threatened the existence of voluntary hospitals, Lord Cave led a review of the financial state of the sector.

27 March 1929

Local Government Act 1929

This Act consolidated local government structures and reformed Poor Law administration, with local authorities becoming responsible for Poor Law hospitals.


A commission into collaboration in the voluntary hospital sector

The British Hospitals Association set up a commission reviewing the voluntary hospital sector, which faced financial difficulties.

April 1935

Pre-war planning for a national hospital service

The government made plans to deal with air raid casualties in the event of another war.