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8 July 1986

Disabled Persons Act 1986

The Act sought to improve services for people with disabilities by making provision for representation and placing additional duties on local authorities.

December 1986

BSE outbreak: initial government response

The first cases of BSE in cattle were diagnosed in the late 1980s. However, the government told the public there was no evidence that BSE could be transmitted to humans.


'AIDS: Don't Die of Ignorance' campaign

The government launched the 'Don't die of ignorance' public health campaign to raise awareness of HIV.

25 November 1987

'Promoting better health' white paper

The government set out its intention to strengthen the role of primary care in health promotion and the prevention of ill health.


'Community care: agenda for action'

Sir Roy Griffiths reported on the development of community care, observing that the lack of progress was down to the lack of leadership and responsibility.


Breast and cervical cancers screening programmes

In 1988, the Department of Health established the NHS cervical screening programme (NHSCSP) and NHS breast screening programme.

25 January 1988

Thatcher's announcement on review of the NHS

The review produced policy ideas including creation of an internal market and GP fundholding. This formed the basis of the 'Working for patients' white paper.

31 January 1989

'Working for patients' white paper

The white paper proposed significant reforms to the NHS. It introduced a split between the bodies who provided care and those who purchased it, creating an internal market in the NHS.

29 June 1989

'Self-governing hospitals: an initial guide'

The government provided additional detail on the implementation of self-governing hospitals as outlined in the 'Working for patients' white paper.