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August 1989–June 1990

Opposition to the government's NHS reforms

Despite growing opposition to the government's NHS reform programme and Thatcher's resulting concerns, Kenneth Clarke, Secretary of State, refused to back down.

November 1989

'Caring for people: community care in the next decade and beyond' white paper

The paper proposed transferring responsibility for the procurement of community care services to local government.


1990 GP contract incentives for health promotion

The new GP contract was introduced in 1990 and established incentives for general practitioners to become more involved in health promotion activity.

29 June 1990

National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990

Legislation provided for the 'purchaser/provider split'. This marked the start of an internal market in the NHS and changes to local authorities' social care functions.

19 October 1990

Health Select Committee

The Health Select Committee and the Social Security Select Committee were established, replacing the Social Services Select Committee.