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20 May 2010

The Coalition: our programme for government

The new government set out its health and social care priorities: it promised a commission on adult social care funding but did not reflect the ensuing wide-scale NHS reforms.

30 June 2010

Changes to CQC's assessment of adult social care services

CQC announced they would no longer award quality ratings in inspections of registered adult social care providers. The move was met with concern.

12 July 2010

'Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS' white paper

The government set out plans for significant structural reform of the NHS, public health and social care systems.

30 July 2010

An updated 'Principles and rules for cooperation and competition (PRCC)'

The updated PRCC aimed to take into account the coalition government's plans outlined in 'Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS'.

18 October 2010

'Liberating the NHS: greater choice and control' consultation

The government consulted on its reform plans outlined in 'Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS' and made changes to its plans as a result.

4 November 2010

Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP)

A national, cross-sector partnership aimed to drive forward the personalisation agenda and increase the range and availability of community-based support.

16 November 2010

A vision for adult social care: capable communities and active citizens

The government set out its vision for a holistic approach to social care, with multiple agencies collaborating to deliver a joined-up service.

30 November 2010

'Healthy lives, healthy people' white paper

The white paper's key focus was on supporting people to live healthier lives for longer and to reduce health inequalities.

20 December 2010

NHS outcomes framework

The development of the framework was underpinned by the need to reduce health inequalities and to promote equality in health outcomes.