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10 January 2002

'Getting ahead of the curve - A strategy for combating infectious diseases'

The Department of Health published this strategy for combating infectious diseases and proposed to establish a new National Infection Control and Health Protection Agency.

1 April 2002

National Care Standards Commission (NCSC)

The government established the NCSC to regulate health and social care services and promote the improvement of quality of services.

1 April 2002

Strategic Health Authorities replace existing health authorities

In a move to devolve central power over the NHS to a local level, SHAs and primary care trusts replaced the department’s regional offices, health authorities and primary care groups.

17 April 2002

'Securing our future health' review

Sir Derek Wanless led a review to examine long-term trends affecting the NHS and to quantify the resources needed to keep it comprehensive and available to all.

18 April 2002

'Delivering the NHS Plan: next steps on investment, next steps on reform' report

The report outlined progress since the NHS plan, introduced the concept of 'payment by results' and proposed new regulatory bodies for health and social care.

1 May 2002

Local authority assessments by the Social Services Inspectorate (SSI)

The SSI started awarding star ratings of council social services departments which ran in parallel with other local authority rating schemes.

25 June 2002

National Health Service Reform and Health Care Professions Act 2002

The Act legislated for recommendations made in light of the Bristol inquiry and government proposals in 'Shifting the balance of power within the NHS'.

15 July 2002

Spending Review 2002: Public Service Agreements

The government's reissued public service agreement (PSA) targets focused on reducing waiting times and increasing access.

7 November 2002

The Enterprise Act 2002

The Act made significant changes to the application of competition legislation by giving more independence to the competition authorities.