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1 October 2003

Independent Sector Treatment Centres

The government introduced treatment centres with independent sector involvement to provide additional capacity for NHS services. Later, the Health Select Committee raised questions as to whether they provided value for money.

20 November 2003

The Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003

The Act provided for the establishment of NHS foundation trusts – which had greater financial and management freedoms – and a new independent regulator.

9 December 2003

'Choice, Responsiveness and Equity' consultation

The government launched a consultation to explore what patients and the public would want choice to look like.

5 January 2004

The independent regulator of foundation trusts (later Monitor)

The independent regulator's role was to authorise NHS trusts to become foundation trusts and intervene in the event of significant non-compliance with the terms of authorisation.

25 February 2004

'Securing good health for the whole population' report

After 'Securing our future health', Sir Derek Wanless reviewed cost-effective approaches to improving public health, prevention and reducing health inequalities.

1 April 2004

The first NHS foundation trusts

The first 10 foundation trusts came into operation. The central objective for creating foundation trusts was the desire to devolve power away from the centre.

24 June 2004

'The NHS improvement plan: putting people at the heart of public services' white paper

The government outlined its priorities for the NHS between 2004–08, and confirmed there would be continued investment to increase capacity across the system.

1 July 2004

'Choose and book' software

'Choose and book' went live, allowing patients to book appointments electronically and select a choice of place, time and date for a GP referral.

21 July 2004

Standards for better health

The public health-related standards focused on collaboration between primary care trusts, local authorities, foundation trusts, and other stakeholders.