National service framework for older people

10 March 2001

The National Service Framework for Older People was published by the Department of Health in March 2001. It was introduced as a 10-year programme, outlining eight standards to govern older people's services.

Two of the eight standards related to eliminating age discrimination and promoting person-centred care. The other six related to specific services such as those for stroke and mental health.

It was heralded by the secretary of state as the 'first comprehensive strategy to ensure fair, high quality, integrated health and social care services for older people'. The four main themes of the framework were:

  • respect for the individual (by rooting out discrimination and providing person-centred care)
  • the development of intermediate care between primary and hospital care services for older people
  • the provision of evidence-based specialist care
  • the promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle for older people.

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