'Securing good health for the whole population' report

25 February 2004

In 2001, the Chancellor of the Exchequer asked Sir Derek Wanless to undertake a review of the long-term funding needs of the NHS. Securing our future health: taking a long-term view found that the UK had fallen behind other comparable countries on health outcomes.

This was due to continued under investment in the NHS, which had resulted in a skills shortage and a gap between supply and demand of services. The review stated that demand would continue and overtake supply of services if radical reforms were not put in place and investment was not increased.

Sir Derek was asked to carry out a further review in April 2003 focused on identifying cost-effective approachesĀ to improving public health, prevention and reducing health inequalities. The final report, Securing good health for the whole population, was published in February 2004. It argued that the government needed to shift its focus from just caring for the sick to promoting good health.


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