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1 April 1999

Primary Care Groups

Following commitments to abolish GP fundholding in 'The new NHS' white paper, PCGs replaced family health authorities (previously responsible for commissioning primary care).

1 April 1999

National Institute for Clinical Excellence

NICE aimed to reduce variation of the availability and quality of NHS services: later changing its name to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and extending into public health.

5 July 1999

'Saving lives: our healthier nation' white paper

The government set out its action plan to tackle poor health with a focus on disease-based targets as opposed to social determinants of health.

1 April 2000

Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Act 1999 established the Food Standards Agency (FSA). It set out that its main objectives were to protect the public's health in relation to food.

1 April 2000

Health Development Agency (HDA)

Following its announcement in 'Saving lives: our healthier nation', the government created a new statutory organisation to improve standards in public health.

1 July 2000

NHS Plan (2000)

The plan (a milestone for competition policy in the NHS) outlined significant health and care system reforms and responded to the 1999 Royal Commission's report on long-term care.

July 2000

Health improvement programme (HIP) evaluation

'A national review and analysis of health improvement programmes 1999-2000' included analysis of the government programme's public health elements.

28 July 2000

Local Government Act 2000

The Act established new powers for local authorities to improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of their area.

1 October 2000

BSE outbreak: inquiry report

The report of an inquiry into the emergence of – and response to – BSE in cattle and vCJD in humans criticised the way the government handled the crisis.