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23 January 2008

'Healthy weight, healthy lives: a cross government strategy for England' document

The strategy attempted to tackle rising obesity, highlighting that two-thirds of all adults and children were either overweight or obese.

February 2008

'Independent Living' strategy

The government aimed to deliver its commitment to improve the the lives of disabled people through a 5-year cross-government programme.

1 April 2008

'Any willing provider' commissioning

Patients were given the right to choose from any NHS-funded provider following a referral for routine-elective hospital services.

May 2008

Quality ratings for social care providers

The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) published quality ratings for all registered social care providers regardless of whether providers were local authority, private or voluntary.

4 June 2008

'Developing the NHS performance regime' document

The Department of Health outlined plans to simplify the system of dealing with failing state-owned providers and the different roles of the CQC and Monitor.

10 June 2008

'Carers at the heart of 21st century families and communities' strategy

The government strategy highlighted the critical role of carers in promoting strong families and communities.

30 June 2008

'High quality care for all: NHS Next Stage Review' final report

Lord Darzi's review set out the government's plans to reform the NHS and focused on what the NHS could do to improve the prevention of ill health.

21 July 2008

Health and Social Care Act 2008

The Act established the Care Quality Commission as a new independent regulator for health and social care, taking on the functions of the three previous organisations.

September 2008

Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine

Following recommendations from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, the government introduced the HPV vaccination for females aged 12–13.