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6 February 2013

'The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry' final report

The report made recommendations on care standards and issues, including the need for openness, public access to accurate information and cultural change.

11 February 2013

Government announcement of social care funding reform

The Secretary of State announced proposals which included the introduction of a lifetime cap on care costs.

11 February 2013

National Health Service (procurement, patient choice and competition) regulations 2013

The government amended the draft regulations in response to concerns raised in the House of Lords, but defeated opposition efforts to have the regulations struck down.

March 2013

The Local Authorities (public health functions and entry to premises by local healthwatch representatives) regulations 2013

The secretary of state made regulations which required local authorities to carry out certain public health functions.

11 March 2013

Chief Medical Officer annual report 2011: antimicrobial resistance

Dame Sally Davies raised concerns about the pace of antibiotic development and the threat of antibiotic resistance.

22 March 2013

Office of Fair Trading (OFT) guidance on NHS mergers

The OFT issued guidance on the application of competition legislation when it reviewed mergers between NHS foundation trusts.

26 March 2013

'A fair playing field for the benefit of NHS patients' review

Monitor carried out an independent review into the issues that limit the participation of different providers of NHS services that might affect patients.

1 April 2013

Public Health England (PHE)

PHE began operating as an executive agency of the Department of Health responsible for improving and protecting public health.

1 April 2013

Structural changes from Health and Social Care Act (2012)

The 2012 Act came substantively into force and brought about a range of changes impacting the NHS, public health and adult social care.