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1 December 2002

Comprehensive Performance Assessments (CPA)

CPAs sought to provide an overall assessment of a council's performance by scrutinising many service areas.

1 January 2003

'Fair access to care services - guidance on eligibility criteria for adult social care' framework

The framework aimed to provide a fairer system for allocating social care support, advocating a single process to assess eligibility.


'In Control' pilots

The 'In Control' pilots allowed service users, particularly adults with learning difficulties, to be involved in their care planning using individual budgets.

23 March 2003

The '5-a-day' campaign

The campaign was launched to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables and promote the health benefits of this.

1 April 2003

The 'Supporting People' programme

The programme was intended to support vulnerable people to live independently and to avoid homelessness or admission to institutional care.

1 April 2003

The Health Protection Agency (HPA)

HPA was set up as a special health authority to protect people against infectious diseases and prevent harm from industrial incidents.

8 April 2003

The Community Care (Delayed Discharges) Act 2003

The Act required local authorities to pay health care providers if they were responsible for the delayed discharge of an NHS patient from that provider.

1 June 2003

National minimum standards for care homes

Standards for care homes for adults and older people came in for NCSC inspectors to use when inspecting care and private health providers.

16 July 2003

Star ratings for Primary Care Trusts (PCTs)

The Commission for Health Improvement published ratings of PCTs for the first time.