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April 1945

The Gray-Topping survey of hospitals

Surveys collating practical information about hospital facilities helped inform those drafting legislation for a National Health Service.

1 August 1946

The National Insurance Act 1946

A range of benefits, including sickness benefit, were available to those paying NI contributions.

6 November 1946

National Health Service Act 1946

Following on from the 1944 white paper, the Act provided for the establishment of a free, universal and comprehensive health service for England and Wales.

13 May 1948

The National Assistance Act 1948

Leglisation drew a distinction between chargeable services provided by local authorities and free NHS services.

5 July 1948

Establishment of the National Health Service

The NHS took control of 480,000 hospital beds in England and Wales, that had belonged to local authorities, or were independent voluntary hospitals.

31 March 1950

'Public Health in 1948: remarkable statistics' report

The Ministry of Health published a report examining health and mortality outcomes during the first months of the NHS.

30 September 1950

First UK report linking smoking to cancer

The work of Richard Doll and Tony Bradford Hill was instrumental in determining that most lung cancers were caused by cigarette smoking.


The Bradbeer report on internal administration of hospitals

The Bradbeer Committee published a report highlighting variation in methods of administration in different hospitals and recommending changes to their administration.


The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme

In the context of a growing focus on the administrative structure of the NHS, the first national administrative training scheme was inaugurated.