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3 January 2009

'Change4life' campaign

As pledged in the 'Healthy weight, healthy lives' strategy, the government launched the Change4Life campaign to tackle rising rates of obesity.

13 January 2009

'Transforming Community Services' programme

The programme intended to support the transition for PCTs developing contractual relationships with their provider services and to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

19 January 2009

'Valuing people now: a new three-year strategy for people with learning disabilities'

The government's refreshed strategy aimed to ensure that people with learning disabilities had the same life opportunities as everyone else.

21 January 2009

The NHS constitution for England

The constitution enshrined the right to informed choice for patients.

28 January 2009

'Personal health budgets: first steps' document

The document described plans to pilot personal health budgets, enabling people to take control over how much money was spent on their care.

30 January 2009

Cooperation and Competition Panel (CCP)

The CCP was set up to investigate potential breaches of rules on cooperation and competition, and to make recommendations on resolving breaches.

12 March 2009

The protection of children in England: a progress report

Following the inquiry in Victoria Climbié's death in 2000, Lord Laming's report made recommendations for implementing child safeguarding arrangements.

31 March 2009

'Regulating healthcare - experience and lessons' report

The Healthcare Commission's 'lessons learnt' report suggested that the government's decision to establish an independent regulator was an important and brave step.

1 April 2009

Integrated Care Pilots

The government announced the sites selected as Integrated Care Pilots; the evaluation was published in 2012.